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Is Homosexuality Accepted By God?

Our Creator established rules governing marriage long before governments began regulating the institution. The opening book of the Bible tells us: “A man will leave his father and his mother and he must stick to his wife and they must become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24) The Hebrew word “wife,” according to Vine’s Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words, “connotes one who is a female human being.” Jesus confirmed that those yoked together in marriage should be “male and female.”—Matthew 19:4.

Thus, God intended marriage to be a permanent, intimate bond between a man and a woman. Men and women are designed to complement each other so they may be capable of satisfying each other’s emotional and sexual needs and of providing children. There are some numerous incidents in the Bible that showed that God hated marriage of the same gender.

In the city of Sodom and Gomorrah Lot the brother to Abraham was living with men who were living lives Jehovah God never approved. The men were sleeping with other men. This did was bad in the eyes of Jehovah that he sent his angels to take out Lot and his family out of Sodom.

The Bible tell us that the cities were destroyed because of that. The book of Romans Jehovah says people living with this are waiting for his day

What do you say?

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