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Road Accident

People are tired of having good hearts: See how she handled this girl from her past

People have been bothering other people low key. People can stay without knowing you and thinking they are better and don't have to say hi or keep in touch with you until they have something to ask. The pain relates to what we do to God, we pray only when we have problems and when we're happy and all, we forget paying gratitude and simply thanking him for the gift of life.

Yesterday, a girl commented with her conversation with this other lady who she once knew back in the days and she now sends pictures reminding her who she is. The girl said she doesn't remember her and she didn't care about that but instead, she went ahead and asked for a favour and she wanted the girl to borrow her R150 or R100 with a valid reason she thought. She said her child is admitted in a hospital due to a small car accident and the bill is killing her but because of how people behave, she blocked her in instance.

See their conversation below.

This is what people had to say about how Ayanda handled this girl.

What do you think about this? Was Ayanda fair? Does everyone like her deserves this? Please leave your reply In the comments section below, like and also dont forget to share.

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