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A Girl That Posted Her Dad Got In Trouble After Mzansi Noticed Something Deep

A Girl That Posted Her Dad Got In Trouble After Mzansi Noticed Something Deep


The reactions to this picture ai woman go through the most even for showing appreciation. A Twitter user @BuhleMahlangu14 got herself in trouble after she decided to comment with a picture she took with her male colleague. With caption:

"My work Dad gave R200 this morning just for being pretty 😁😁😁 what a beautiful way to start my long weekend 😁😁😁😁😁 "

Tweeos could not wait but to tell her the truth about what she was afraid to say. People have been wondering where some even jump and tell the truth about her relationship with the man she claim to be colleague. Many assumed that the lady is dating a sugar daddy and she afraid to go in public while she still continue saying that they were working together.

According to the lady sje says that her colleague whom sje always call "work dad" gave her R200 just for being beautiful. Apparently there is nothing wrong with dating an old man... we wont judge you. There are many young woman who prefer to date old man because of their maturity and experience they have.

After Seeing comments which he fans made and are by her fans she did not waste time but to put them in their place. With caption: "Stop being nasty we share a surname so he says I’m his daughter cos I’m the same age as his last born go clean ur dirty mind"

The girl claim that she share surname with the guy and that she is in same age as his daughter. Some tweeps comment saying that his daughter has been asking for R20 mtn airtime for 3 weeks but he's giving 200 to work daughter because he wants a little bit of some.

What do you think base on this picture. Do you think it's work only or she's too afraid to come out.

Share your ideas we want to know your thoughts.

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