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Uthando Nes'thembu: Here's What People Noticed, That Got It Trending

MaYeni is the one in charge of the cake for tonight's surprise party, it turns out that the cake is not as expected. There is a missing part, the surprise birthday party is for Mseleku. Mseleku mentioned that he felt numb, he even shed tears. He also mentioned that he was crying because he remembered where they came from.The first wife feel like Mseleku is getting more emotional as he grows older, she is even used to seeing him cry. Mseleku's wives and children shared some nice meaningful words, the day became emotional for everyone.Mseleku also mentioned how everything he always wanted to happen, has came to reality. The wives are getting along, the children are also playing together. People noticed that MaNgwabe was staring at her family while they were crying, she did not cry.Although it looks like Mseleku's wives are getting along, MaNgwabe seem like she allegedly does not fully get along with all her sister wives. On the next episode, Mseleku will be having a talk with MaYeni privately. MaYeni is going to make fun about how her husband cried, she felt like he was crying a bit too much.

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