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Jackie Phamotse: I Gave Up What I Love

Known for her absorbing and fascinating book, BARE: The Blesser's Game, Jackie Phamotse is a writer, social activist, businesswoman and a philanthropist according to her public information. Having written a series of gripping books after The Blesser's Game and having been awarded the African Icon Literary Award in Lagos, Nigeria in 2018, is she now calling it quits?

This phenomenal novelist has written a series of books succeeding her aforementioned debut, Bare: The Blesser's Game. I Tweet What I Like inspired by the activist Steve Biko's I Write What I Like, BARE: The Cradle of the Hockey Club, BARE III: Ego, LIWA: Women Who Kill For Kamasutra which is followed by the recent children's books also called LIWA are some of her phenomenal works.

She explains her work as 'raw, well researched and extremely thought-provoking', and it indeed is, given that her books revolve around hot topics such as blessers, money and sex. More often than not, Jackie warns young women about "sbwling" (wishing) for a soft life, specifically the glamorous instagram lifestyle, and talking about what some of our favorite 'slay queens' have to endure to maintain that life. This, however, used to happen a lot at the beginning of her career, she would do Instagram lives and TV interviews talking about her own experiences as a former 'slay queen' who has turned her experiences into a writing career. 

Through her books, the lives, and interviews, it is quite clear that Jackie's major goal is to raise awareness and develop long-term solutions to societal problems. Her works are intended at teaching and empowering people to make better life choices, particularly in light of the rapidly rising rates of femicide, rape, and other social ills. Furthermore, her work includes bringing attention to rape culture, mental illness, and human trafficking, which are rife social ills in our county right now. 

With everything that she has achieved since the publication of BARE: The Blesser's Game and others, saving the youth from making poor decisions due to social media pressure, is she now abandoning writing? That is the question she raised when she tweeted "I trust God so much that I gave up what I love! I let it go, just to hear him. It's painful not having what human's desire, however, I truly want his grace. So here we are, let go and letting go".

Jackie's Tweet:The masses knowing Jackie Phamotse as an author, writing is what she loves, among other things of cause, so when she tweeted about giving up what she loves, it's normal that the first thought on someone's mind would be 'is she talking about writing?'. As much as we all need to master the art of letting go, we can only hope that she wasn't talking about giving up and letting go of writing because we can all still do with her exceptional and informative novels.

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