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Ngcobo is complaining about game time

Nkosi' Ngcobo : "Coming in as a sub always comes with pressure because you need to affect the game, you need to change the game," 

"I think, with the few minutes that I've got [in previous matches] I didn't do bad, but I can improve and if I get 15 minutes or more, I can try and help the team maybe get a goal."

 Ngcobo and blom were are our core in the midfield , why is ngcobo not playing? Why is blom used as a winger ? Why is nurkovic playing in a wide position instead of playing in his natural position?Why are we playing center backs as full backs? Where's frosler , mphahlele, mashiane ? If this keeps happening we gonna be in crc trouble this season

Just wsh Baxter can offer a game tym player's like ngcobo sekgota n bench ths overated player's tht gives us nothing

Mxxm khanye is smoking too much nyaope, how come he say tht bulshit about Nange, n mabiliso 


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