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DateMyFamily: Viewers react to the episode

"I feel like men will always take advantage of you, when you're on a girlfriend contract yet performing wife duties."

- Naaaah this Jenny chick came here to launch herself as a model lol. She sold herself as a “gold digging slay queen” ko the 2nd family, then called Andy (3rd guy) Dylan (1st house).

- Sgaxa galore 😂💀 ngapha yinja nayo lol Chomi I’m not disputing her cuteness, her sweetness nor her hard working self. She didn’t go to the show to find love she went to tell us her cv and to get her coins courtesy of Sandile… wrong me if I’m right.

-What you want is already yours. It’s already done. Start counting your blessings for it. Start saying thank you for it. Not him saying they will work on the height thing. Nigga you gona wear heels or something?

These 2 are the reason why most Girlfriends don't like your girlfriends... Cause wow ba lapisa ba #DateMyFamily.

This is why it is important for ladies to shoot their shot. OoBuhle are confessing live on tv that they are the potentials type. Tyhini why were you quiet ?🤦🏽‍♀️


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