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Six Important Reasons Why You Need To Pray Every night

Just as God has good plans for us, the devil has no good plans for us; its main role is to kill, steal, and destroy (John 7: 7); However, if you are a Christian and have not prayed with your family before bed, I recommend that you start tonight.

Here are 7 reasons why you should pray with your family before going to bed each day:

1. Some People May Die in Their Sleep After doing everyday activities that you are unaware of about the Lord's plan in life. It is important to pray before you sleep because you do not know if you will die in your sleep. Always include forgiveness of sins in your prayers because if you die in this situation, you will go to heaven after asking for forgiveness of your sins. If these people prayed before bed, don't be surprised if they wake up in heaven instead of hell.

2. Satan and demons try to mess up your dream life while you sleep. Because God communicates with us through dreams, devils and demons are constantly trying to distort this channel of communication. You will keep the sleep channel free from demonic control if you pray before going to sleep.

3. During your dream, Satan and the demons want to sow diseases in your life. Have you ever noticed that most people get sick at night? When demons have easy access to their lives, this is what happens. This is a good reason why you need to pray well before bed to avoid the devil's plans. and interact with your soul. Today's witches can call on and communicate with your soul in your sleep, just as the witch of Endor did with the soul of the prophet Samuel. Witches will have a hard time communicating with your soul if you pray before bed.

4. Satan and the demons want to plant bad thoughts in your soul while you sleep Have you observed that some people wake up in a very bad mood? You may also have heard of morning depression, waking up angry, waking up grumpy, and so on. That is why it is very important to pray before going to bed because if you pray before going to bed, you will not wake up in such a bad mood.

5. Demons can steal your blessings while you sleep Satan and demons can take God's blessings out of your life while you sleep at night. Just as God blessed Solomon in a dream, Satan can also take away your blessing in a dream. If you dream of giving money, get up quickly and pray that demons stole your blessings while you are sleeping.

6. Satan and demons are constantly on the lookout for the weakest spiritual condition to infiltrate your life. 

Because it can be busy during the day, this agent of darkness may not be able to invade you, but since you sleep at night it becomes very easy for them to invade your system. You must put your day in the hands of the Lord and your night before bed. If you pray before bed, Satan and demons will have a hard time attacking you while you sleep.

Thanks for reading.

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