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She asked her baby daddy to come for their son birthday but his response had mzansi furious

A woman as of late took to twitter a screen capture of a discussion she had with the dad of her child. Essentially their child's birthday is coming up and the child requested that his mom let his dad know that he would see the value in his quality. Nothing beats being with your folks particularly on your birthday. As they are the ones who brought you here on the planet. 

Anyway conditions are not the equivalent, consequently it is difficult for others to be there for their youngsters after partition. The woman text the child daddy on whatsapp requesting that he go to the birthday festivity as his child mentioned. Anyway his reaction had individuals angry. 

Fundamentally he referenced that he wasn't going to make this is on the grounds that he is stable. Certain individuals referenced that in case him, he would attempt by all means to be there. Others were saying that the child daddy is simply rationalizing. 

The woman referenced that he doesn't live far, so it doesn't bode well why he would battle to be there. See a greater amount of individuals' responses down here: 

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