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A Machine That Kills Human In 16 Seconds Finally Discovered (Photos)

It has finally been discovered that there is a machine that can kill humans in 16 seconds flat.

Do you have an opinion? Does it make sense to grant the right to die to anybody who behaves rationally?

Dr. Philip Nitschke, an Australian euthanasia campaigner, hopes to change the way people die.

Sarco is a suicide chamber, which is a coffin-sized pod that you enter in order to intentionally end oneself in a painless and peaceful manner.

It will be placed atop a generator that will utilize liquid nitrogen to lower the level of oxygen in the capsule, resulting in hypoxia when the nitrogen is released. A critical component of brain functionality is oxygen. When exposed to low oxygen levels, the body begins to shut down, resulting in symptoms such as disorientation, elevated heart rate, fast breathing, shortness of breath, sweating, and wheezing, among other things.

Death will be "elegant and graceful" in the Sarco, according to Nitschke, who claims that the user will lose consciousness after one minute of using it. Soon after, there is death.

When a person is ready, he or she enters the room, lies down, and clicks a button to begin the process.

Following Nitschke's announcement, the 3-D printing designs will be available for anybody to download beginning next year. Those who choose to use it, however, will be required to complete an online exam in order to establish whether or not they were of sound mind when they made the choice to end their lives.

Who among those above the age of 50 deserves to die in their own way? Is committing suicide a better approach than other options if a person has made the decision to do so, especially when alternative options might cause harm to onlookers and emergency personnel?

Death might be as simple, fast, and painless as clicking a button, if not more so. According to the inventor of the world's first 3D-printed suicide machine, this is what he hopes will be the case in the future.



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