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I'll forever be grateful for my background history I had in my previous church Zion I was taught to be Patient in life, Obedient, know how to treat another human being and mostly be humbled always. As the book of Proverbs say " my child take these laws, tie them around your neck and never forget them, everywhere you go live according to them " I acquired all the teachings I received and tied them around my neck. When I arrived at initiation, I found most Initiates not having these archetypes some I had to teach them.

When the journey of Spiritual Awakening started I felt a spiritual default of some sort like the universe was asking me "Who are you ?" I tried to answer but according to what I believed in at first, no bible scripture would give me the answers to answer the universe. That haunted me to a point I had to do a self introspection, I found myself being a tree that has been growing slowly in one place but when I looked under the soil I saw no roots. It clicked to me that something is wrong, that's when the underground gang said " you have reached a point where you want to know who you are, I think it's time you listen to us now". Them summoning my voice and my attention was a painful journey of Depression and Anxiety , being alone in a room hearing voices in your ears , having no sleep dreaming of snakes swallowing you, or drowning in water. At some point I had to surrender and listen because I wanted answers and only my Ancestors had the answers I wanted. I was taught my history, my path, my purpose, my African identity, and my belonging in the universe. The growth I've received from the past six years compared to the 15 years of being a prophet it's amazing. I never knew I could communicate with the spirits of the dead, read numbers, I didn't know I'm so good in interpreting dreams and reading candles, and the magnificent wisdom of understanding how spirituality works. All I knew was I'm just a prophet, But my Ancestors said you are more than that.

Today I stand like a firm tree with roots under the soil knowing who I am,

Spiritual Awakening starts with a simple Question " who am I, what's my African identity, what's my purpose in life" once you fail to answer that from where you are you must know something is wrong.

Spirituality is not a six months course, it's a journey that you don't practice, but you live it.

photo cred: @sanelematsolo


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