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People Thought He Has A Hole On His Head

People Thought He Has A Hole On His Head

A tattoo artist has managed to create an impressive optical illusion, making it look as though a bloke has got a huge, gaping hole in his head.

Tattooist Matt Pehrson, from the Zion Tattoo Company in St George, Utah, showed off his handiwork last year after inking his pal Ryan's head.

Matt used clever shading tricks to ink thick black lines that taper in towards a centre point, creating the illusion that Ryan has got a hole right through his head.

Optical illusions often work only from one perspective. If people could get to see more photos from multiple angles or perspectives, things will change. As for this, it's ingenious and it takes a willing for anyone to pull this kind of thing off. On a floor, this design looks good but on a head, it's just Wow.

Here's what people are saying;

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