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Is Your Phone Screen Broken? See How You Can Use Toothpaste And Cottonwool To Fix It

When our phones fall on the ground, the first thing we check is to see whether the screen has been cracked or shattered in any way. Aside from that, if the screen is cracked, we may not be able to access our phones correctly because certain components of the phone may be functional while others may not be so.

Fortunately, the state in which a portion of the screen ceases to function is not permanent, and it may be readily corrected without causing undue stress. It is my intention in this post to show you how to repair your damaged screen so that it works properly again using a clean piece of wool and some toothpaste. Check out the steps outlined below.

1) Take a piece of clean cotton wool and dab a small amount of toothpaste onto it to start.

2) Gently massage the toothpaste over the surface of your cracked screen with the cotton wool to ensure that the toothpaste is evenly distributed.

3) Allow for approximately 10-15 minutes for the toothpaste to dry on the surface of the damaged screen frame.

4) Wipe away the dried paste from the phone's screen, and the phone's screen will begin to function properly again.

If, however, after following the above-mentioned methods, your phone continues to malfunction, you may be forced to replace the phone's screen entirely, since this indicates that the phone is broken beyond repair and cannot be repaired.

Thank you for your time, and if you have tried any of the techniques I have described above, please share your thoughts with me. Also, please spread the word about this valuable information to your friends and colleagues.

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