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Selena Gomez allegedly dating again and Nicki Minaj hosting RHW of Potomac reunion.

American singer and actress Selena Gomez has been MIA on the streets of relationship since her last relationship with The Weeknd ended in tears. Selena was sadly diagnosed with Lupus and underwent a kidney transplant. Her then boyfriend The a jokily sang about it on his concert. On the other side, her ex Justin Bieber got married and his wife cannot get peace by fans always mentioning Selena's name whenever they see them together. Well Selena has been quite but recently, fans sported something interesting.

Chris Evans Mr. Captain America has recently followed Selena on Instagram. Taking to consideration that he only follows 162 people, this must be a big deal. They have also been sported leaving a studio together and later in a restaurant together. Are they dating or they just getting acquainted?

Nicki Minaj has been living her best life with her baby boy and her husband. She recently celebrated her son's first birthday by throwing him a Kang Fu Panda themed birthday. On the music side, Nicki has been touching there and there. Her song with Bia has been doing the rounds on Tiktok and she recently released a song 'Boys' and it has reached number one spot in more than 15 countries. Nicki has announced that she will be hosting the reunion of the real housewives of Potomac. This is exciting news and we cannot wait to see what she has for us as a host.

The show was rated 3.7 starts by fans. Fans complaining about bullying and physical altercations between the ladies that occurred during some of episodes that aired. "These shows are insensitive and has destroyed families and their lives. I was just distraught after seeing Candance throwing a knife at Ashley. Regardless of weather it was a butcher knife, butter knife, or a plastic knife, she did it with intent. She intended to either hurt or kill this woman. She (Candance), actually stepped outside of herself, she was enraged and in a psychotic state of mind. She was unaware of her actions and she definitely meant to do harm. She displayed no self-control,'' said one disappointed viewer. Even though some viewers are disappointed, most people watch the show for drama and we cannot wait to see how the reunion will go. Do you love watching the real housewives? Comment.

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