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Somizi's daughter leaves her fans in stitches with her post with her father and the trolley.

Children normally get their personalities from their parents. They don't wake up being themselves. Some learn from their parents and do those things. Initially parents are a guideline to life, we see how our parents handle themselves and want to do the exact same thing. 

Somizi is a very free spirited person who brings life everywhere he goes. He is known for his choreography skills, cooking and being a judge on Idols SA. He has been off air for some time and fans are missing him. 

His daughter Bahumi has taken some of his personality traits. She works out, sometimes with him and is also an actress. She shared a picture of herself standing next to a shopping trolling full of vegetables. She revealed that he also said he wants to pose after seeing her. " Me: Takes a picture behind the cart Father: Yoh nami ngiyasifuna lesi. Everyone Else: Yoh nami! Fruit and Veg seller: laughs at all of us 😂 but we gave him an incentive for his kindness."

It must be everything having a father like him.

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