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She Is HIV Positive And She Is Beautiful And Healthy. See Her Pictures

Woman, is known to be an important figure in the Lesotho Mafeteng region. He was usually in a group of four and was raised by a single parent. His father pushed him away when he was alone and his mother when he was 10 years old. His grandmother pressured him to continue testing after his mother died. All the while, she did not want to continue experimenting until she was 12 years old.

The results surprised her because she only thought that people who were involved in sexual development were HIV positive. He was taken to earth with this problem and God saved him without the visible light of eternity. She revealed to her grandfather she tried to make a choice, but still encouraged everyone at the age of six until she turned 18.

Sadly, it was seen by my classmates and I began to realize that I was HIV positive in different places. It leads me closer to the darker side of life as I see different ideas to solve my confusion. Regardless, through his worship, God gave me a certificate of graduation, and I was enrolled in the National University. That is why I had the confidence to open up and explain to my world about relationships.

In 2018 I was elected DREAMS Ambassador with USAID, an organization that promotes girls and girls. I had another way of finding the strength to be visible and to change through planning and support. I, in spite of that, continue to fight the stigma associated with HIV through the hashtag or my nickname “No Shame About Being HIV +” using online methods.

Ts'epang Maboee posted his story with his fans on his Facebook account which was incredibly strong. Here is the answer on his page.

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