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KONKA: You can't go to Konka with Relay clothing

Konka is such an amazing experience, and the highlights are very much approving of the venue. According to King, you cannot be someone who is going to Konka with a Relay clothing brand. It is not part of the standard of the place that it is hot at the moment.

People who are seen at the venue are spotted with huge brands and also the vehicles in the parking lot. The pictures which have been circulating in the media clearly set the standard that it is not a lifestyle for everyone. You have to be at a great standard of living to take part financially.


On the other hand, it does not mean that the place is for people who are coming with a higher baller statement. The person with a Relay brand is not entirely known for his financial standard, but that does not mean he can't offer the payment bill after his order.

King only sees the picture being photographed and thinks he should be rocking a different brand. When it comes to the comment section, it is another interesting view to go through.


1. Portia asks anyone with the right answer to provide it. What brand should a person wear?

2. King himself answers: It is expected that someone could wear Gucci, which is one of them. Her response to King was that she saw someone rocking Adidas. King's response to her again: he is the owner who drives a G-Wagon.

King really has something to say about Konka in Soweto and he is really defending him and Konka in every way possible. The place was launched before the lockdown hit the country very hard, and it had to close until it was permitted for operation. Now it is on and making headlines.


The lifestyle of Konka is very expensive. One person bought seven expensive bottles, called the Ace of Spades. The service is attention-grabbing, and everyone is looking at whom they are being presented and served to. With all the attention on Konka, anything interesting is waiting to trend.

Your thoughts?

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