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Skeem Saam’s Thabo ‘Cornet Mamabolo’ to make a sh0cking return a few weeks after quitting acting

Skeem Saam’s Thabo ‘Cornet Mamabolo’ to make a shocking return a few weeks after quitting acting

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Mapitsi and Tbose met while still in school. Tbose conceived Mapitsi while they were in school. They've both experienced ups and downs, and even dated other individuals.

But they managed to reconcile, not only for their child's sake, but also for their own. For someone who has been with Skeemsam from the start. It can't be simple to let go and go on.

Cornet Mamabolo, who played Thabo Maputla, just left Skeem Saam. His character recently married his high school love, who is also his baby's mother. He announced his new work overseas when they returned from their honeymoon.

Most viewers expected the plot to fade away. He apologized on Instagram. He said he's taking a break from performing to focus on his business.

Following his farewell scene, he thanked people who aided him on Instagram. He talked about his childhood on the show.

He grew up in front of their eyes thanks to their TVs. Currently, he is focused on his insurance company. He keeps saying he's on sabbatical, but never mentions how long.

He said he'll return for his farewell appearance on the MacG podcast today. He also indicated that he would retire in October. It's unknown if the character will die. Viewers can simply observe.

Skeem Saam reportedly stopped acting after seeing his Thabo ‘Cornet Mamabolo' business empire.

After his leaving, we learned about his business empire, which made him quit acting. We may all agree that Cornet Mamabolo does not simply act. His present business empire is in Limpopo.

Sure, he's the actor we all despise. But Mamabolo has a library in Limpopo. He owns other enterprises in addition to the library. However, he is the creator and owner of Digni Financial Services and Cutty Denim. 


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