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"I Found My Hubby's HIV Positive Status After 2 Months ", Lady Reveals

Stela Akinyi considers herself to be one of the happiest people on the face of the planet since she is HIV negative despite the fact that her husband of two months is HIV positive.

The 29-year-old woman, who lives in Langata, has described how she learned of her husband's HIV diagnosis and her subsequent emotions to the news.

She maintains that she moved in with him two months ago and that she has not raised any questions about her legal status in the meantime. After discovering unusual medications in her home and later in her husband's clothes, she was forced to voice concerns with her friends and family.

The lady demanded explanations, and Steve responded by explaining that the medicines were provided to him as part of the covid-19 treatment.

The lady, on the other hand, was not persuaded and chose to look for solutions on the internet. She had the answer right there. They were antiretroviral medications. "I looked them up on the internet and discovered that they were ARVs. Unfortunately, we did not get tested for HIV when we first met. My actions had resulted in the death of an AIDS patient. I had done this na alikuwa sawa, na macho, and an AIDS patient had died because of my actions ", the lady revealed to the group.

Later, she approached her husband and requested that they get a pregnancy test, which he agreed to. Fortunately, the lady's test came back negative, but the husband's test came back positive despite his insistence on a repeat.

She stated that she has been taking PrePs on a daily basis since then in order to avoid being exposed to the infection and that she and her husband are happy together. I went for a walk "The Polymer Chain Reaction (PCR) test was performed, but the results were negative. I've been taking PrePs on a daily basis from the day we started at VCT, and we all go to the clinic together ", she explained in her narration.

Akinyi, on the other hand, used the opportunity of the uncommon public declaration to advise everyone to avoid claiming the status of a partner in their relationship.


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