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"Don't laugh, this is a human tradegy and sad" some SA'ns are feeling sorry for Rosemary Ndlovu

Rosemary Ndlovu made headlines since from last week as she is accused to have eliminated most of her family members in order to claims their Insurance funds.

She has appeared in court two times and the first time she did, she got a lot of people angry with her acts, and when she recently appeared for the second time, she was then shackled with leg irons and it was a sad moment.

Which comes to arouse a question that after all of this is said and done and she is found Innocent then what will happen, South Africans even edited her video in court with a wedding song.

"This is a sad story, I know we laugh about it but behind it is a sad human tragedy" people are now feeling sad about the entire situation as they say it is a human tradegy.

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