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Going through depression ? Read this.

If you're going through a depression , read below.

Just because you didn't find happiness today , it doesn't mean happiness won't come . Hold on to what you want , until you get .

There's definitely more hope even if your brains tells you there isn't , sometimes you just need to follow your heart , not brains .

I know you may be fighting a lot of battles in your life right now , but hang in there . One day things will start to go well and you won't even believe it . YOU WILL WIN !

The silence battles you're fighting might seem to be to be weird to other people , but always remember , you're alone in this ! Not everyone cares about you nor understand what you're going through however you ain't alone in there , you just need to choice the right people who can support and understand the situation you are at .

Give yourself another day , another chance , you'll eventually find your courage . Do not give up on yourself just yet .

It's okay to struggle some times , just remember you're doing your best , you're doing better than you think you are doing .

You're allowed to feel messed up sometimes but that doesn't define who you are , you are a strong , smart and beautiful human being .

Even if happiness forgets about you , do not do the same , keep fighting . Fight until you see a difference . Allow yourself to heal .

Trust yourself , Trust the process , you will be fine some day . You are Worth It .

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