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No Matric No Problem| SA Youth Be The First To Apply For The New Teachers And General Assistants Job

The Department of Education has urged unemployed youth to apply for 287,000 short-term positions that need to be filled. According to the agency, it requires 192,000 education assistants and around 95,000 general school aides.

Candidates who are selected will get training. This was part of the president's youth employment introduction program, which is part of the president's economic stimulus package.

The department believes that these jobs would alleviate some of the strains caused by Covid-19, according to department spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga.

“Youth between the ages of 18 and 35, who are neither in education or training nor receiving any form of the government grant, as well as young people with disabilities and women, are eligible and encouraged to apply for this enriching experience,” explained Mhlanga.

“Candidates who are selected for placement will have an opportunity to receive training in skills that will equip them for future employment opportunities. All successful candidates will be placed in schools for five months, from November 1 2021 to March 31, 2022,” added Mhlanga.

Applicants that were successful would work in schools in a variety of roles, including reading tutoring, ICT implementation, and curriculum development. Those who hadn't finished matriculation were also encouraged to apply. They'd be handymen, sports agents, and enrichment agents, among other things.

“To work in the education environment, you must have a good ability to work with people, and within groups, you must have good communication skills and be a good listener and have interest in academics,” Mhlanga concluded. was where applications were to be sent. Applicants can create a profile and apply from there. No applications will be accepted on the spot.

Candidates who have been shortlisted must submit their CVs, identification cards, letters of recommendation from former schools, local chiefs, or church leaders, police clearance certificates, and copies of their qualifications. Beginning September 27, applications will be accepted through October 3rd.

According to the media statement on the SA government website (, Phase II will focus on reducing youth unemployment since data gathered throughout the program has revealed that the majority of jobless young people lack the essential experience to drive them into work.

The BEEI effort will go a long way toward aiding the department in mitigating the negative consequences of the COVID-19 academic interruptions that have occurred since the first national lockdown in 2020 intended at pandemic containment.

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