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“Don't Come Here To Tell Us About Social Distancing” — Angry Lady Tells Fikile Mbalula

A young lady is not happy with Mr Fikile Mbalula After He posted pictures of a well attended campaign of the ANC. The campaign was so crowded and jam packed that people started wondering if social distancing is no longer applicable in the country. The lady told Mr Fikile Mbalula, “After posting this picture don’t come back and tell us about social distance please”. Many people are not also happy with Mr Fikile Mbalula and the ruling party, ANC because they are the ones championing the cause of social distancing and limited the gatherings at funerals to just 100 people. The lady said that the crowd that the ANC is putting together doesn't coronate with their Covid-19 protocol campaigns. Another person observed, “Funerals should be attended by 100 people, whereas funerals of your party can be attended by more than 100 people?”.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Mr Fikile Mbalula in a bid to campaign for the ANC is always posting pictures of well attended campaigns. However, before now, Mr Fikile Mbalula who is the minister of Transportation of director of ANC Campaign is always advising against breaking Coronavirus rules and regulations? The crowds in their campaign venues are not all vaccinated, as some people observed. Furthermore, the people have been urged to obey Covid-19 protocols even though they are vaccinated. How will the minister reconcile these two scenarios? A lady told the minister, “But the Government can only allow 2000 supporters into a 94K capacity stadium.

It's only okay when votes are needed, ANC should know they won't be getting football fans` votes. No social distance. Covid-19 is on leave for political events? Event the 1November it will return from leave, and we will be taken to level4”. The attacks against the minister and his ruling party is escalating on social media now, especially on Twitter, where he is followed by over a million people.

A South African youth said that the ANC is playing on the intelligence of South Africans as if they are ruling fools. He observed, “Covid-19 has to be the most intelligent virus in the history of viruses, it knows that in ANC rallies it must not attack because social distancing is optional. It will definitely kill church gatherings because there we kiss each other openly. Now we see why we really went to level 1. That's a superspreader right there”. Why is the ruling party not observing the social distancing they have been preaching?

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