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Skin Care

Simple Steps On How To Cure Body Odour Permanently

Any unpleasant odor that emanates from your body is referred to as body odour. This includes odors such as foul breath, smelly feet, and even odorous hair. Body odour is especially aggravating because it is tough to eliminate. It is upsetting not only to you, but also to everyone around you. It not only causes you embarrassment, but it also saps your confidence and makes it incredibly difficult for you to interact with others. It's possible that your smell turns others off if they don't want to be around you for lengthy periods of time or if they grimace everytime you open your mouth to speak. Body smell is frequently the result of long-term self-neglect. It can be aggravating when you try your hardest to smell good but it just doesn't work. As inconvenient as the condition is, improving personal cleanliness is typically enough to eliminate body odour.

What causes body odour?

  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Health conditions- respiratory tract infections and mouth ulcers cause bad breath (halitosis). Liver disease can give a bad odour.
  • Drugs
  • Ingestion of spicy foods

Here’s how to get rid of body odour permanently:

Wash your body twice a day

We live in a hot, dusty climate, so we sweat a lot and acquire more dirt on our bodies than people in temperate climates.

Wash with soap and sponge

Water alone is insufficient to remove the dirt from our bodies. Using merely water will distribute the dirt even more on your body.

Do thorough washing of your armpits and feet

In some spots, wash until you just smell soap. However, avoid using a sponge that is overly rough on your skin. You may also smell bad if you have an injury to your skin.

Shave your armpit regularly to allow sweat evaporate easily

Excessive sweating is the most common source of body odor. Bacteria grow in the presence of moisture and heat, resulting in foul odors.

If you keep your hair long, wear a shower cap to protect your hair from water

Hair tends to smell bad when not well dried.

Avoid using deodorant to mask body odour

You can use deodorant right after your bath, but using it to cover up an odor that has already developed would just make it worse.

Brush your teeth for two minutes at least twice a day

Brush your teeth in the morning and before going to bed. If the bristles on your toothbrush are overly rough, you will develop mouth sores and poor breath. They will not be effective if they are too soft. Brush your teeth after eating fish, eggs, or other foods with strong odors. Because you may not always be able to brush after meals, make it a practice to bring minty (peppermint flavour) sweets with you.

Avoid eating spicy foods such as garlic

Garlic has a pungent odor and can be expelled through sweat. Days after you consume it, the odor lingers in your mouth and on your skin.

Always wear clean clothes

Do not reuse your underwear until you’ve washed it.

Wear clothes that allow air to reach your skin

Air will dry up excess sweat and prevent bacteria from acting on your skin

  • Remove your shoes (especially covered shoes) after a long day and allow them to dry under the sun before wearing them again.
  • Don’t reuse your pair of socks before washing them. 
  • Eat healthily

Nutrients and vitamins abound in vegetables and fruits. These will aid in the prevention of mouth ulcers and respiratory infections.

Consult a doctor if you're still having trouble controlling body odor after improving your personal hygiene. It's possible that you have a medical condition that creates smell in your body.


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