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RIP| She was sadly killed in a brutal way

South Africa is one country with the highest rate of Femicide, women in the country lose their lives daily in the hands if men, it has sadly became something that doesn't shock us a nation.

Women are abused and killed everywhere, from the places that they are supposed to feel safe in like their homes and workplace, to places that are very public and unexpected. Perpetrators are usually people they know or someone close to them.

The highest reported cases are that the most femicide perpetrators are lovers, boyfriends and husbands.

Someone once said that, "when a man proposes love to a woman in South Africa, the woman should tell the man that "there is a chance that you could be my killer"." For many this sadly becomes a reality.

Many women who were killed, where killed in the hands of a man they love and a man who should be the one to protect them from such.

25 year-old Tshwanelo Seleke was killed in a brutal way, by the man she loved. The young woman from Zeerust, North West was brutally stabbed to death. Her body was found with multiple stab wounds in the face, upper and lower body, It is alleged that her boyfriend is arrested for the crime.

May Her Soul Rest In Peace.


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