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There a highly likelihood that Herman Mashaba may lead the 3rd largest political party in SA in 2024

ActionSA is going to reduce EFF to nothing . actionSA is everywhere . Unemployed graduates are also actionSA and they don't want their jobs to be taken by foreigners.

The likelihood will be that his party wil be the leading party in the 2024 elections he have now the chance to show all of us that he is the guy who will safe sa he have from now until 2024 to proof himself and I believe he will.

We are slowly handing power back to white people by using our anger to decide our democracy, white people use thier democratic right to vote for their parties, black people burn tires and boycott elections to voice their anger.

His association with DA, coalition might be an own goal. If he thinks the ANC is his worst enemy, then think DA association is better, he must think twice. DA is going to kill ActionSA if they'll be in a coalition. Moreover, some people voted for ActionSA because they were angry with the DA. Wonder how they'll feel about this coalition.

Herman has captured the SAns first sentiments prevalent in the community and he's resonating. On this alone, the party will grow in 2024. I'm not sure how black folk will react to his cooperation with the DA in coalitions right now? But he's hit a nerve.

I believe he has hyped South Africans to talk a lot about illegal immigration without backlash. Now everyone is comfortable on sharing their views on this matter. Also people feel that Patriotism is NOT Xenophobic. Moreso when other countries are implementing the same rules that we are fighting for in SA.

The problem with the EFF and their leadership is that being overtaken in Joburg by Action SA has really damaged their egos. They have embarked on the anti Mashaba crusade, and think only them own the South African politics space.

One of the factors that will influence that is the current coalition talks taking place. And also not forgetting that very few people voted this year, so if all eligible voters vote in 2024 it might or might not work for him.

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