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African wives and how they dress - marriage materials

When you are a girlfriend there is a certain way in which you dress. Tight leggings, skimpy dresses and short skirts among others are mostly what girlfriends wear, but after marrying the man of their dreams such dress codes become a thing of the past, especially if the man they married stays with his parents under the same roof. The in-laws are not supposed to see their daughters in-law in shorter clothes or too revealing outfits.

Wearing skimpy clothes while they are around is the same as disrespecting them.

Ladies need to know that there are clothings that have to be worn in the bedroom when they are with their husbands, and the ones that are not supposed to be worn in the public spaces especially if they are no longer spinsters.

Men want to marry women who will respect them and their families, not women who will always cause havoc or disrespect the in-laws. Women who come from decent homes are taught how to respect, care and love the in-laws before tying the knot with the men they love wholeheartedly.

African wives dress properly most of the time. They cook for their husbands and kids, sometimes even for the in-laws. Do not get me wrong though. I am not saying when you are a married woman you have to become a house wife, but as the woman of the house sometimes doing the laundry, cooking and cleaning among others is what you should do especially on weekends when the helpers are off duty.

A few number of married women in Africa are employed, some are their own bosses, but when they arrive at home after work they make sure their families are okay. The fact that they also contribute financially does not make them disrespect their husbands, let alone abandon some of the chores they can do.

Unlike slay queens, African wives dress in a more recent way. At times they are considered 'boring' because they do not go to late night parties, clubs and dance all night long.

According to my perspective, African wives are the best and they dress well. The few snaps below justify that :

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