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You Won't Bëlieve Fast & Furious Cast Drive Boring Cars In Real Life: Check Them Out.

Check out what cars the stars of the Fast and Furious movies drive in real life.

The cars are the real stars in the Fast and Furious movie franchise. Or at least they were before the film shifted its focus from fast cars burning rubber in furious street chases to science fiction. It is fair to say that the writers of this film are now focused more on the human stars than the cars. And with legends like John Cena and Dwayne Johnson on screen, the actors have become the stars of the Fast and Furious.

The Fast and Furious has come a long way. And while the film portrays its cast, led by Dom Torreto, played by Vin Diesel, as speed beasts, the actors have real lives that include the cars they love. Updated June 2022, we've updated this article to show you what the Fast and Furious lead actors drive when they're off the screen.

The million-dollar question here is, are these guys speed demons in real life? After all, they've been exposed to roaring engines and wild chases for 21 years. And with the franchise containing some of the hottest movie car chase scenes of all time, there must be some real-life gearheads among the cast. Let's find out what they drive in real life.

- Jordana Brewster - Range Rover Sport

- Sung Kang - Datsun 240Z

- Tyrese Gibson - Voltron Motors Rebel Jeep

- Vin Diesel - GMC Yukon

- Ludacris - 1993 Acura Legend

- Charlize Theron - Lexus RX 450h

- Elsa Pataky - Acura MDX

- Michelle Rodriguez - Toyota Prius

- Gal Gadot - Mini Cooper

- Eva Mendes - Toyota Prius

Content created and supplied by: Kaybee_KC (via Opera News )

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