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If You Get Your SASSA Grants From The Post Office, You May Not Get Your Payments, Here's Why.

If You Get Your SASSA R350 From Post Office, You May Not Get Your Payment, Here's Why. 

The SASSA SRD grant has helped alot of people who have been unemployed. Provisions have been made for people who do not have bank accounts to receive their grants from the South African Post Office through Postbank which is situated in all Post Offices in South Africa. However, people might not be able to get their payments. 

PostBank explained this afternoon that they are currently experiencing technical difficulties which have rendered it hard for their customers to access their services. These customers include SASSA R350 recipients and other recipients. PostBank apologizes for the inconvenience and said that they will advise people on when the issue will be resolved. 

It is a bummer for those who hoped to get their payments today and the next coming times before the system is fixed. However, it would be a good idea to opt for other options that SASSA R350 grant recipients have such as getting the money from the ATM or other retail outlets that allow for payments. 

If you know of someone who uses SAPO services, please share this information with them so that they do not have to go and waste their time at the Post Office especially in this cold whether. 

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