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Dj Zinhle receives R200 notes from a fan at the club. See people reactions.

DJ Zinhle is one of South Africa's favorite female Djs. She has made a name for herself in the music industry and has become successful in her craft. It's suprising to see that she back at doing music gigs just after giving birth to her 2nd child. It seems like money waits for no man in this industry.

DJ Zinhle recently shared a post on Twitter sharing pictures of the money she got from her fans as a tip for giving them a night to remember. Of course she has already received money for doing the gig but her fans decided to show her their token of appreciation by tipping her. See her post above. It seems to be quite a good amount of money.

People reacted to her post and had a lot to say, see some of people's comments down below.

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