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5 Fashion Mistakes Men Make

1. Not Wearing The Right Footwear

Almost every fashionable men know the importance of footwear. It has the power to make or break the outfit completely but sadly that is something that most men do not understand.

2. Not Using Deodorant

Deodorants are used to make you sweat less and to cover up the odor that comes from sweating. In a country like India which has an extremely hot and humid climate deodorant becomes an absolute necessity. No matter how well you are dressed or how expensive clothes you put on if you smell bad everything is ruined.

3. Wearing Wrong Pieces Of Clothing

Not dressing according to the occasion:

Most men don’t understand that not all article of clothing is meant to be worn at all occasions and not all articles can be worn together.

4.Wearing The Wrong color

This might not sound like a big mistake or even a mistake to most of you but it definitely is a big mistake and can ruin your style completely.

5. Not Grooming Properly

grooming is a huge part of your style and most Indian men make mistakes in it. It is not about going to fancy salons or doing makeup but just some basic grooming routine that will make you 10 times stylish than what you already are.

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