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An African star reveals that Pirates wants to sign him

An African superstar admits that Pirates want to sign him. 

The Orlando Pirates thought they could be discreet during this transfer window, but, as is typically the case, word of their plans leaked. When dealing with one of Africa's most popular clubs and a player who may or may not talk openly about a transfer to Mayfair, the Pirates have a hard time maintaining secrets. Mustafa Nadhim, an Iraqi international player, has been connected to the Buccaneers as the upcoming season approaches. The Pirates have released several defensive players in an effort to retool their back four, and they see Nadhim as the appropriate hero to lead this charge. 

Nadhim is not restricted in any way in terms of his team selection. With his sports career on the line, he must weigh his options very carefully. The veteran defender was against AL Najma and the rest of the squad being demoted from the Bahraini Premier League earlier this year. 

As expected, the former Iraq Under-23 star has acknowledged the Buccaneers' interest in him, although he has not yet decided whether or not to go to Mayfair. With a clean slate, the Pirates' new management may rebuild the squad by drafting and signing new players. Due to Nadhim's increasing fame, the pirates are making preparations to fortify their stronghold.

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