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"Stop eating this food, You are killing yourself" - The famous prophet reveals this

Known for his disputable gauges, which he distributes consistently on his Twitter account, the country-prestigious prophet is making a serious mix via web-based media. Following the homicide of Shona Ferguson in July, oneself announced prophet has ascended to ubiquity and has amassed a noteworthy 124k supporters on Twitter alone, making him one of the most followed prophets on the web-based media stage. His web-based media networks keep on being trailed by countless individuals who need to keep awake to date on the thing is as of now occurring in the country, especially in profound issues. 

Recently, the popular prophet shared on his Twitter account again, this time while discussing individuals' ways of life and sicknesses. As indicated by the renowned prophet, individuals should quit eating meat since it is extremely risky for their bodies and kills many individuals. 

It has likewise been uncovered by the examinations that most of individuals are creating destructive growths from eating red meat. As indicated by clinical specialists, individuals with guarantee malignancy have been encouraged to quit eating red meat or burn-through it with some restraint. Burning-through meat in high partitions, especially red meat, has been related with gout and coronary illness. 

As indicated by the renowned prophet, assuming you need to live longer in this world, then, at that point, you should quit eating meat as it is killing many individuals on a conveyance. As per the prophet, individuals should quit committing suicide by devouring any meat. 

The prophet's devotees concurred with him, and some have seen that the meat they eat these days does not slap anymore or they have put something on it. Others have inquired as to whether subbing meat with fish is alright. Others have said that they have totally quit eating meat and they are feeling better. 

What are your perspectives and considerations on a popular prophet encouraging individuals to quit eating meat? Drop your remarks beneath.


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