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10 signs to know their woman is not satisfied in bed

It’s amazing that we no longer have room conversations in this part of the world. The man was not allowed to let his wife know whether he was satisfied or not, and the woman was not allowed to discuss it even for fear of being branded pretending. This disruption of the situation continues to sink many relationships, resulting in failed marriages and broken homes. This shows why we need to solve this problem.

 Women seem to be most affected by this disease in society; they were not allowed to express their dissatisfaction with their man’s activities in the room without being marked as a prostitute or cheater. Now it is your responsibility as a man to recognize the signs that your lover is not satisfied in bed.

 These are the 10 symptoms your wife is not satisfied with in bed in this post.

 1. If she starts advising you to do more

 Women are very intelligent, and before they start hiding information about their happiness in the room, they advise you that they are not satisfied and you need to do more. If your lover is starting to express this, you need to know that he is not satisfied in bed.

 2. When she stop making bedroom noises in the room

 Women use room sounds to express their gratitude and trust in your efforts. So, if your wife stops making such sounds, it indicates that she is not satisfied with your efforts in bed.

 3. If she falls asleep immediately after the activity in the room

 This may surprise you, but it’s real. After each bedroom action, women’s hormones remain active and alert, which explains why they can’t fall asleep immediately afterwards; their bodies are still active. So, if your wife falls asleep immediately after an activity, it shows that you are not doing much to stimulate her hormones and she is not satisfied.

 4. If she starts to lighten the efforts in your room

 This is another wise way for women to convey their grief in bed; they use comedy to avoid upsetting your ego. If your lover starts making jokes about how insignificant your efforts are in the room, you should assume that he is not satisfied.

 5. If your spouse starts refusing to sleep with you

 If your wife starts refusing to ooze on you, it’s a sign that she’s not satisfied with the bed, and you need to intervene.

 6. If she has already started advising you to hurry while you are doing a room activity

 If you start encouraging your loved one to hurry to move around the room, it is a sign that he or she is not satisfied and is acting only for your benefit.

 7. If she starts coming home late and tired

 This is another symptom that your loved one is not satisfied with in bed; if he starts coming home late and is tired, it means he tried to work before coming home to you. That way, when you participate in an activity, it's as if you're trying.

 8. If she starts bringing you medicine

 Some women are more adept at their approach to it, and if they feel they are not satisfied in bed, than looking for other men to accomplish it, they are more likely to help you by bringing plants for you.

 9. If she start counseling you about your lack of exercise

 Women recognize the value of exercising in increasing bedroom efforts, which is why your wife will start advising you to exercise if she is not satisfied in bed.

 10. If she no longer sleeps in the same room with you

 If your wife stops sleeping in the same room as you, it is also a symptom that she is not satisfied with the bed.

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