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Graphic Video: Video Of A Man Shot By A Police In Gauteng After Heated Argument

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There has been a video of a man having an argument with the police that have left social media users talking and shocked. According to Yusuf, this incident occurred in Muldersdrift which is not that far from Johannesburg CBD. The reports revealed that the man on the video was arguing with staff members in a lodge whereby he was a guest. The reports also revealed that the man started having an argument with the police when they were called to come and intervene.

In the actual video, the man is heard having a heated argument with the police. The man went to the left side of the room and that is when he came back with a gun. He started swinging the around and then returned it back but he continued arguing with the police. After leaving the gun, he came back and started asking the police to leave the premises. The man approached one police that was just very close to the door but inside the house and he took the gun of the police. Another police that was standing by then cocked his gun and shot one bullet at the man and he eventually fell down.

People on social shared different views about this matter and many of them came to the defence of the policeman that pulled the trigger.

Many people have hinted that the policeman was also trying to save everyone's life and the man looked very angry. Also, there is no one who is allowed to snatch a gun of a policeman and that is against the law. Many people also argued that was self-defence as no one knows what he could have done when the policeman did not pull the trigger. Some people mentioned that the policeman that pulled the trigger should be protected by all means. Other people obviously came to the defence of the man and mentioned that the policeman could have waited a bit but that is very arguable.

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