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What would you do if UYAJOLA 9/9 came to you?

Everyone knows of the popular show on Moja love channel 157 Dstv which is about exposing cheaters. We have seen many dramatic episodes and some sad ones but i guess the take home message with this show is simple: DON'T CHEAT. Easy? Well the show wouldnt exist it was that easy, heres why.

As wild as the show is, what would you do if Jub lamaswidi came to you😂? As in, your man or girlfriend was cheating with you. So you are their side and YOU DIDNT KNOW?!. Run? Fight? Or just sit there, embarrassed?

This show is entertaining but it also exposes how common people cheat on the people they say they love. Do you really love someone if you are capable of completely loving someone else without their knowledge?

Lastly, have you ever been cheated on and if so, did you forgive and CONTINUE your relationship or you left immediately?

If you have never cheated, would you do it and WHY?

Lets chat in the comments! WOULD YOU FORGIVE your partner if they cheated on you?

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