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Government Gives Up 51% SAA Shares In The Hands Of The Private Sector

Videos link:’s controversy surrounding the issue of selling shares by the SAA. Some people agree with the decision meanwhile others do not think it’s a good idea.

State-owned enterprises (SOEs) are an important element of most economies, including many more advanced economies.  This means that high standards of corporate governance of SOEs are critical to ensure financial stability and sustain global growth.

Gordhan was briefing the media about the decision they taking regarding the Takatso Consortium٫ it has been announced as the equity partner for SAA. The public-private partnership will put 51% of the airline in the hands of the private sector. 

They are selling a part of SAA, it irrelevant  to continue running a business that does not generate any profit. Something had to be done and this is literally the last resort.

Some people believe that it was inevitable and extremely necessary! What has been glaringly obvious the past decade or so, is that the ANC government can not conduct business in a proper way. 

They concluded that SOEs are more inefficient compared to private corporations not because of the type of ownership, but mostly due to the lack of clear objectives and goals focusing on efficiency, and additionally lack of organization-level control systems to attain these goals.


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