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Common Interview questions and Answers Guide

This guide is to prepare you for typical interview questions and examples of how to answer.Some questions will be based on the information on your cv

1)Interview Question:Tell us about yourself?

Answer example

•I'm a motivated and driven person who loves learning and working with people.I was born and raised in a rural village...

-Be Brief

2)Interview Question:Why do you think you're the right person for this job?

Answer example

•My personal qualities and skills perfectly match the criteria for this job

-Be Brief and give a logical response

3)Interview Question:What skills do you have to offer us?

Answer example

•Respond by matching a few your qualities with the criteria in the job description

4)Interview Question:Tell us about your weaknesses?

Answer example

•I'm still learning how to cope with conflict.I've registered for a conflict resolution workshop

-Remember nobody is perfect.honesty is key

5)Interview Question:Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?What are your goals?

Answer example

•I see myself as the head of the department.I aim to be a successful member of this team and raise the profile of my department

6)Interview Question:Are you willing to work overtime?

Answer example

•Yes.I'm willing to put in the extra hours if needed

-You have to show enthusiasm and co-operation

7)Interview Question:Are you willing to learn new skills on the job?

Answer example

•Yes.I'm more than willing to learn as much as i can so that my contribution to this organisation can be significant

8)Interview Question:What do you expect to earn?

Answer example

•I expect to start with about R10 000 a month,with annual increases and bonuses.

-Do your research on the job or position before the interview.See what salary is offered in the advert.

▪Be sure to dress in a formal manner and arrive in time.

▪Show confidence in yourself

▪Try your best to answer every question asked.

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