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"This is why this Officer's never arrive on time, they busy catching feelings" This Tweet

Mzansi police are not really what you call people you can count on they never arrive on time on any event and this picture really got a lot of people thinking,that this is what they are always busy with when a crime geta reported and they arrive 24 hours after the crime has occured and there are also casualties. There is a picture trending on all social media platform with a rather odd but interesting, caption and the picture posted is rather funny and captivating but behind it left a lot of messages to South African citizens.

Here is the picture that has been trending all throughout the morning take a look at the funny caption.

When it was posted on Facebook it had the caption that " I usually catch criminals but now i caught feelings for you baby girl."The picture is shown with a Police van next to some two lovers having a picnic with government property, the van which should be chasing criminals is the same one spotted in an unknown bush with two people pretending to be inlove with a cooler box next to them.

After seeing this picture do you still believe in the system of justice in South Africa do you still believe that officers are there at work to save and protect the country or busy catching feelings with police vans?

How does this picture make you feel? Is a van supposed to be seeb in such a spot? This is called mixing business with pleasure and its wrong. Here is a morw ckear picture of the things occurring.

After the picture was posted on Facebook here are the comments that followed under tge picture take a look at what people typed and felf when they saw this picture when it was posted yesterday on social media.

Source: Facebook social media platform

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