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Mzansi was left in disbelief after a serial killer was spotted doing this inside the court

Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu, the alleged serial killer, has returned to court.

A relative of Ndlovu's claims that he killed them so that he could get an insurance payout.

What is being said here would be different if this were a man. A coworker once had an investment strategy with a specific company. He was successful. He called the company one day to see how his investment was doing but couldn't remember his account number. Instead, he searched with his ID number, and what he found was that a stranger who worked for the company had taken up a funeral insurance policy on him.

He got rid of all of his insurance coverage with this firm.

All government employees are skilled at presenting themselves as innocent parties in court.

She'll have to be freed under medical supervision. She clearly isn't feeling well, as seen by her behavior. "There was no organized march by the women's league, and all of the women's league members were quiet because it was a woman, but a man would have been roaring his lungs out. " According to a post from a fan on Facebook


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