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Makhadzi represents different tribes for heritage day

Makhadzi has again made the fronts pages but due to drama or her music career but rather of how respectful and loving she is. She proved that it does not matter where you from the thing that matters is that you're a proud African. Makhadzi wore different kinds of attire with ea h representing a certain culture or tribe. This is something that people are not used to and it caught many by surprise while warming their hearts. According to her statement we might say that this was her way of celebrating her success in music industry. "Thank you South Africa for all the support you have shown me not forgetting my venda people who supported me from day 1.Ndiri ndi muthu ngavho e. " She wrote such wonderful statement on her Facebook account.

This can teach many about how they should never forget where they come from and never forget those who supported them through thick and thin. Makhadzi never stops surprising her fans with kindness and love, which might be the reason she's loved by many. Comments were left as people thanked her for wearing different traditional attire as some shared that this showed them that they are all Africans and equal. Some fans from other countries such as Lesotho and Botswana were quite impressed with the idea that Makhadzi presented as they felt more involved than before.

People were very happy with. Makhadzi as she pulled something no one has ever done before which is all. About bringing people together despite their region. A wonderful day was 24 September 2021 as many left comments that it should be a day to remember for years to come. We celebrate in style in mzansi.

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