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A young woman abused by his boyfriend who does not care about gender based violence

Nosipho's story line is just too much it cuts me so deep, never been in a abusive relationship but im hoping and praying that those who are going through the same experience as Nosipho, they get out of that relationship as soon as possible before it's too late. It is very funny on how Njeza can keep quite while Sbonelo talk to him anyhow and even refused to give him money for the heist, but when Nosipo opens her mouth he explodes and becomes a monsterEven though this is just acting, the amount of tears I shed each time I watch a scene where Nosipho is being abused its countless. I cry knowing that someone out there is experiencing the same and its real not acting like Njeza and Nosipho. Its more painful that someone I know was going through the same to her ex everytime when I see this episode I she'd tears because I know how hard it is to get out from the abuse, I still remember when her and the ex were walking in the mall and some guy they were exchanging some words I couldn't hear what was the story, but the guy ended up slapped him and he went instead of him fighting back he stood there doing nothing, but when they were at home he take out all that anger to her and he turned her into his punching bag of the women are against this storyline yet they are abused almost everyday and they can't even do anything about it, this shows how some people are negligent about serious issues. We should all be ready to see how all this will unfold, not talking about how UZALO is loosing views yet the same people tune in almost everydayI still don't get it why Nosipho hasn't won any award, this young woman keeps on nailing every script


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