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Zimbabwe in mourning after popular Ndlovu is killed in a brazen attack

The crime rate in Zimbabwe is spiraling as criminals are now targeting more influential members of society. 

The latest incident to rock Zimbabwe has been the death of an iconic figure who succumbed to his burn wounds after his house was petrol bombed.

The people who petrol bombed his house clearly did not want money and it is suspected that they had exterior motives. 

Bishop Ephraim Ndlovu (51) of Alive in Christ Pentecostal Church died on Saturday at Mpilo Central Hospital where he had been admitted since Wednesday morning.

He was petrol bombed at his home by unknown men who demanded cash on Tuesday night while outside the house before vanishing into the night.

Speaking to the media, his wife narrated how this could not have been a robbery gone wrong.

Mrs Ndlovu said the robbers stormed their house demanding US$500 and they had already sprinkled petrol all over the house before they started making the demands.

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