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Dr. Gogo Maweni admits on Podcast and Chill with MacG that Siyabonga Zulu was bewitched by her.

Izangoma zodumo reality TV star Lee-Ann Makopo also known as Dr. Gogo Maweni was on Podcast and chill with MacG for an interview. Gogo Maweni is a traditional healer who is known for negative publicity of how she deals with people who wrongs her. In the interview, she stated that she received her doctorate in traditional medicine from uMhlab’uhlangene University in Durban , KZN. Many people were astonished by what she said during the interview.

During the interview, the famous MacG asked Gogo Maweni if she knows what happened to Siyabonga Zulu who happens to be her baby daddy. With no shame and remorse, she admitted that she’s the one who bewitched him. Her response made People angry. This is after Siyabonga got fired by his club Sundowns.

On social media, many began making connections between the incident involving SK Khoza, who is also her baby daddy, and a statement she made on her Instagram page once declaring that "if her kids don't eat, no one will eat!"

Remember the trending videos which left fans worried of SK khoza involved in altercations?

People claimed that despite her admission that she was the one who bewitched Siyabonga, it was just a marketing ploy on her part. “if we’re being honest, we know Gogo Maweni is running a very lucrative business and we know my gender can go to scary levels to keep a man, she is booked and busy uGirl” a tweep composed.

Gogo Maweni also admitted during the interview that she keeps wild animals in her home, including snakes, rabbits, tortoise and others. In the clip she said that she never loved snakes before, her love for snakes came after she started being a healer and having dreams of snakes.

These are some of the comments that people were making on social media platforms.


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