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There's Nothing Herman Mashaba Can Do About Foreigners- Tweep Sends A Warning.

The Action SA party is known for advocating for the citizens of South Africa and their needs of employment against foreigners. It seems another major reason that the party has been voted for by most is the fact that they hope that the leader will get rid of foreigners in South Africa. 

Many have hopes of getting rid of foreigners through Herman Mashaba however one tweep warned that people will be disappointed to find that most foreigners in the country have documentation as one tweeted @Ms_Essence2 "I'm waiting for a moment when ActionSA voters realise that most foreign nationals are here legally as asylum seekers or refugees and there's nothing Mashaba can do to get rid of them". 

This statement was met with disagreement. @HlopheCebo "Dont lie not all, these Pakistanis, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Somalians, Nigerians, Zimbabweans are all here legit?". Others cursed at the tweet and told the person to go home. 

While there are refugees in the country, they were supposed to be put in camps and not let them integrate the country. Fingers have been pointed at the ANC for not doing things right and hence the influx of foreigners in the country. @WilliamKgasi "Asylum seekers or refugees in South Africa could have been avoided problem if ANC had done what is accepted at UN which is setting up camps,where refugees responsibility would have lied in the hands of UN. SA government would not have spent a cent."

One person expressed that not solving the immigration issue now would lead to dire consequences. @OriginalMuntu "I'm waiting for the moment where you realize that if we do not address the immigration crises in this country, a very uncivil, civil war will emerge. How your grand standing will help then, only time will tell"

It is clear that many made their votes to solve the sensitive problem of foreigners in the country. According to others the EFF lost their votes because of their foreign policy which proposed the opening of borders and having foreigners enter the country using creative ways. 

Nevertheless, most votes for Action SA came from people from Johannesburg. Among other reasons, people believe that the party is people centred puts South Africa first. The party was also voted for as the citizens note that Mashaba had done so much good as a mayor of Johannesburg which is something that was needed to be done.


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