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Zulu Students Killed In Free State(Qwaqwa)

This just reminds me of when I moved to Mpumalanga Province with my parents. It was very difficult for me at first. I didn't have friends,nobody wanted to be friends with a Zulu girl. But this is not the topic for today.

The main issue today,is about tribalism. The fact that Zulu Students are being killed in Qwaqwa,just for being Zulu. These students go to university for a better life. To help their families,they leave their families behind to make things easier for them in future. All I know is that there is not a single parent who wants to bury their child. Burying a child is not easy,being killed for absolutely nothing builds hate amongst tribes.

Hence tribalism should really stop. Actually tribalism is the biggest issue in South Africa,racism comes second. If we can all unite as South Africans. Things would be better,our world would be a better place to live in. Those students did not deserve to die. They still had their own lives ahead of them.

But best believe that together,we can fight tribalism. We can fight crime,we can fight gender based violence. If we all work together,we can fight anything in this country.

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