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Meet the woman who was kicked out of Nazareth march

Nazareth church members known as shambe took to the the streets to march , the Nazareth members painted their home town white as they march peacefully.

Although a video of a woman dancing with the church members has surfaced and making rounds on social media platforms. The woman is seen dancing and clapping among the members of the church.

But it ended in tears for her when an older man tapped her on her shoulders and indicated with his hand that she must move away from the marchers.

Facebook users searched for her on Facebook and asked her to do a live video to explain properly what had transpired.

According to the woman she was at her flat when she saw the marchers and got excited so she decided to go down and join them she said she started dancing and singing till she felt a hand tapping her on the shoulders.

Facebook users asked if she didn't see anything wrong with her dress she said its didn't click that something was wrong with her dress and that she needed to change it before joining the church members

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