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Pregnancy period

Why is there high rates of pregnancy in informal settlements

The rate of teenage pregnancy and pregnancy in general is often high in poor and informal settlements than in middle class and upper class residence.

This could be the result of high unemployment rate and that people from lower class have nothing to do during the day but to spend their days in bed.

In my opinion the lack of house division can also influence children from informal settlements to engage in sexual activities at a younger age than those from divided homes. Being exposed to nudity and what parents are doing at night May lead to children from informal settlements to want to practise what they see during the night.

Another thing I feel contributes to this high rate of teenage pregnancies in informal settlements is that parents there are mainly concerned about making ends meet, they are busy seeking for money to take care of their offsprings and do not have time to monitor their children’s behaviour.

Many informal settlement dwellers are people who have moved to cities to search for greener pastures, many work in factories, others are domestic workers do they spend their time taking care of their employers needs than that of their children, this may lead to their children seeking comfort and love from strangers or romantic partners and end up being pregnant.

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