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Pray for your husbands/bfs before this happens that could put tears on you


Thando Msomi Thabethe Dlamuka's spouse, isencane lengane celebrity Siyacela, cheats on her when they're still young. At16, Siyacela asked his father to assist him in marrying the woman he loved and wanted to spend the rest of his life with; he received counseling from his family and other married family members who sat with him to give him the insights of marriage, including his father.

BabDlamuka is a fair father and does not like it when Siyacela treats Thando poorly because he is the one who brought him to the Dlamuka homestead only to start teasing him. As a polygamist, Siyacela's father crushed his desire to be in a polygamous marriage, saying he doesn't know what he wants or puts himself through.

Despite his youth, Siyacela has grown bored with Thando and mentioned that he isn't as passionate about making love as he should be as a husband to Thando. He claims it becomes dull at times, which is why he's contemplating getting a second wife.

Thando's wife, Siyacela, also attempted to inform him about this concept; she said that she is not for such life, if Siyacela persists she would return to her home rather than stay in this sort of relationship, instead. Siyacela also said that he has already begun dating the woman he plans to bring home as a second wife.

Even at his tender age, he urgently need assistance. As soon as he got married, Siyacela dropped out of school. He now wants his wife to finish high school and attend university, but she must do so from home and enroll in distance learning programs because campus life will corrupt her.

He's a jealous kind, yet he wants to go around betraying his wife, how tragic. Even at Thando's age, she's already going through hardships of this magnitude. We fervently hope and pray that she isn't pregnant just yet, since it would put her wedded life on hold.

Siyacela was missing from last night's program and he had been gone for eight days. He didn't even contact to see how his wife was doing or take her calls. We observed BabDlamuka summoning Thando to his home to discuss his son's behavior.

We should all be grateful that this guy was an upright man who saw the wrongdoing of his child and spoke up for it. But I'm worried now. In addition to saying that siyacela's behavior will have an impact on Thando's academics, she also said that she won't forgive him for acting the way he does, particularly while she's writing her exams.

It's obvious that this will have an impact on her grades, but we can only hope and pray that she remains strong and makes good use of this opportunity to study hard and move on to the institution of her choice. However, Thando genuinely cares about her spouse, so we wish them all the best in their union.

It's to be hoped that she doesn't follow through on her threat to avenge. That's why we don't hurl stones, Thando sisi; retribution would only make you bitter and make things worse for you. People don't view things the way you do.


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