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Hurting, thirty five years of unemployed for five years


SOUTH AFRICA, During local government elections, a voter conveyed his or her deep pain and inability to find work by writing "35 years unemployed" on the ward ballot.

Against all odds, that one person took a chance and voted for the political party of their choice in the hopes of a better and more secure future.

"We all understand the unemployment rate in SA but you could've voted for any other party than wasting a ballot paper. We all know it won't be attended to, so it is useless." said one user.

"To be honest how do we restore faith in voters, when 4 years ago they voted and there is still no change and things got worse, if is change we vote for which change, its up to government and political parties to restore faith and dignity in voters, at some villages ur expected to go buy water, bath and go vote for service delivery, which doesn't add up" said another user.

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